The Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Peter 1:11

Fight For Bruno:


My attempt to move forward in Life!


    I have been so motivated in my pursue to get my son back, Bruno, even through the Pandemic of the COVID-19, I made it into the next chapter... CDL TRAINING!

    I just wanted to update anyone fallowing my story about my Fight for Bruno! It has literally taken me an entire year to get to this point!

    I am facing another challenge right now! Since I am physically homeless I have no residence address to provide to the DMV. So I have not been able to continue into the driving portion of my training.

(FYI: I do rent a PO BOX where I can still receive mail if anyone ever decides to write 😊)

    I am able to still sell roses so I have been able to rent a hotel room. And with the permission of the hotel was allowed to use them as an temporary address for the DMV (since it is an option with the TEXAS DMV application). However, since non of my invoices from my bank or phone bills include the actual hotel address the DMV denied me to be able to get my TX driver license much less the CDL permit. I am being honest with the DMV about my situation and I don't want any lying in my pursuit to better myself in order to get Bruno back!

    I have attended the program for about 2 weeks already and this is my 3 week into the school but I have been trying to get my DL for also my CDL permit to continue my training.

    I am very bothered I trying my best to do it all in truth for the righteousness of GOD in order to restore the land between me and God through Lord Jesus Christ, in order to get Bruno back into that land/mind that is healthy and not crooked/sick. 

    Like every child deserves to have a healthy home to live in My son, Bruno is no different! He too deserves to have a mother that is righteous and healthy. And I am trying to establish a environment for him that is straight and healthy so when he is in my custody I can raise him in a healthy environment with Jesus Christ as our foundation and having God among us!

FOOTNOTE: I must make this very clear...

(((since I have been taunted about the 'sonship' from gospel))) 

    Bruno is my actual son NOT my sonship with GOD. I am really Bruno's mother I was literally cut 2x for that kid! Once when I was 6 months pregnant with Bruno in my tummy. A teratoma was removed to not jeopardize the pregnancy. I was cut almost 7 inches and than 4 months later I was cut again in the same wound in order to give birth to Bruno with a C-section. 

Thank you for all who pray and support my purse to get Bruno back. I hope my story can motive others not give-up to restore their families for a better society as a whole and even better having Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation! 

*You can see my utility cart in the background because I still show up to class with my basket and all! 😁