The Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Peter 1:11

Current Objective 

This is events that lead to my situation and my motive to do a newspaper. 

History and Objective

     In 2013, I was woken up to being notified, charged and arrested by the City police that my son (4 years) was found wondering the streets unattended. The news crew had attended the moment of my arrest. I had been drinking the night prior.

    I was living a life of the 'world', oblivious to the fact that I had a 4 years old son, and had become irresponsible and was sick with addictions to drugs blinded to truth, and needed God.

    The arrest was not enough to change me though the event was shocking to me and the threat of losing my son. I has employment but was choosing to use drugs instead and would call-in, which lead to another threat of loosing my stance of income/security. Being on probation, I still continued an unhealthy life of drugs and was soon realizing I needed real intervention.

    In 2014, My life was out of control and I called unto God thru Jesus Christ that by faith that he could hear me and God stepped in big time. I got baptized with fire and his holy spirit and was awakened to  whole other world and form of thinking.

    In 2015, I received another charge which revoked my probation. And was than sent to jail. Since I had no money I was unable to bail out and soon CPS had to place my son with my relatives. 

    In 2016, after being in jail about 9 months the 2nd charge was dropped but was still convicted a Texas State Felony (class C) for 'Child Abandonment with the intent to Return', for the original arrest in 2013. After my release from jail, my CPS case was still open and went to court to ask the judge to allow my son to be granted into my care. However, the judge did NOT grant my request and I lost custody of my son.  My son was placed with my sister in Austin, Texas.

    After the realization of where my life was at I had made another bad decision and relapsed still in 2016. But I know God had forgiven ALL my sins of the past and I asked God again to please help me get my son back. I made the decision that I did NOT want to live a life of  drugs anymore and I sincerely wanted to be happy like promises in the word.

    So in 2017 I rededicated myself to the Lord in hopes my life could be fixed and the reconciliation of my relationship with my son Bruno. Since 2017 I have been clean of drugs but I have not been able to be stable enough with employment or prospects of school due to spiritual occurrence beyond my understanding. 

    I try my best to live as righteous as possible in hopes that if I continue to do good by spiritual law I should receive a good return. Ultimately a life with my son Bruno as a healthy sound mother that he needed from me and had always deserved. 

    I am currently homeless and have been for a couple of years. In 2018, with income from the RKNewspaper, I was able to start a website as you are viewing and started also the filing for my work to be legally copyrighted.

    In March/April 2019 I decided to no longer sell the RKNewspaper due to the understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ teachings in Revelation 2:6. still try to up keep the RKNewspaper online and promote it whenever possible.

    As an attempt to create income I  sell roses or due to 'code enforcement'  I also sell another Newspaper called the  ‘Energetic Express Newspaper’ (positive thinking for positive energy) with a rose free. Currently I work in the streets or highways depending on what city I am in and I do use these opportunities to promote the RKNewspaper. You can read more about the 'Energetic Express Newspaper' by clicking here!

    Update: 11/24/2019 I have decided to the try to sell as much roses/ 'Energetic Express' Newspaper to save money to attend school since I am unable to work. I try many times to have regular employment but due to the spiritual occurrences I do not understand I do not last in those jobs and I am wasting time to get my son back...this is part of my testimony in the my 'FIGHT FOR BRUNO'. 

    Thank you for all who help support me and my son to persevere to reunite and be a healthy family once again.

    In the RKNewspaper I provide and share concepts with biblical principles that help me stay motivated, positive, and 'never give up mentally' truly believing that Jesus Christ is my ONLY way for my life to be restored and with my son Bruno.  So now my current objective is to become stable enough and ultimately get money for a lawyer to fight for my son back.

    I love my son Bruno Matthew V. and I am grateful for ALL those that support not only the reconciliation of my life with my son but support the reconciliation of ALL our lives with God by the WORD and Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:10)! And Glory to Lord Jesus Christ in ALL we do-Amen!

Chapters in my pursuit to Restore my family with Bruno and to overcome in general !


Facing Death

FYI: after paying 2 different schools and attempted to take the test several times and FAILED! I decided to forget the CDL option and move on to something else!



Lord Jesus Christ getting ALL the glory from my story!

 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."  

Revelation 12:11