The Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Peter 1:11

Chapter: Jail Time

It was only worth it for Bruno!

     After a  year of not knowing the new location of where my sister lives, who is supposed to be taking care of my son, just so happen to have found a site that gave an address of her possible location. So without hesitation I went to the house, and sure enough I saw my sister's van. But she didn't want to open the door. I was afraid my son was in danger... she eventually called the police and I was given a criminal trespass charge. However the fallowing morning I went again because I was not at peace of my son's safety... and again my sister didn't let me see nor talk to my son. This time I called the police informed them again I was afraid of his safety, that I believe he is in danger.... and when the police arrived I got arrested! From McAllen city Jail I was eventually sent to Hidalgo County Jail until my time was resolved.

     Jail Time is NO FUN! However I tried to keep myself together reminding myself that my son must be alive, and well. That I have to believe the police though I still have not heard nor seen my son! I don't know why!  I love my son Bruno Matthew Varela, he is my kid! And I'm at war daily over this truth! I am tired and exhausted of tried to become better and get out of homelessness especially for my son, to be able to provide a place for him to call his own, even if its an apartment.

    I got into ALOT of fights, I was relocated into different tanks at least 3 different times within one week, and place in the restrained chair for at least a whole work shift. From the entire experience the worst was the restrained one point I asked to used the restroom to pee and  gain relief from being tied down so much and for a long period of time. And was take into a padded room with only a hole on the ground that was filthy to use as the toilet. I thought 'forget it' and decided to just not pee instead. I have endure more crazy situations at that county jail (where i would say is actually worst), (2016) I once was stripped naked place the in padded green weight suit, and place in another tank again with only a hole on the ground for the restroom, in which at that time I had no choice but to use. 

    All this because I genuinely believed my son was in danger, and went to see him at my sisters house. I am soo hurt my sister to this moment still doesn't answer my calls nor my texts and I know not to go to her house or I'll be placed back in county making it worst for me to get Bruno back. At least my mom Alicia sends me pictures which reassures me that Bruno is... ok! Which I posted a few....

I just hope my son knows I love him dearly and think of him daily! I love him greatly! My son Bruno Matthew Varela who is 13yrs old now!

This is my sister (Christina) with my son Bruno!

Bruno Matthew Varela, 13 yrs 

This is my Mom Alicia with my son Bruno