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January 2023


like a


   The palm-tree figure is especially intriguing. In Scripture, the date palm, stately and beautiful is used as example. Its roots are extremely deep, which is why it can flourish in the desert, growing tall and living long. It is perhaps the most useful of all trees, because it produces dates, but also sugar, wine, syrup*, oil, resin, rope, thread, tannin, and dyestuff. Its seeds are fed to cattle and its leaves are used for roofs, fences, mats, and baskets. Its fruit gets sweeter as the tree grows older.  


    May God enable each of us to flourish like the palm tree—beautiful in the Lord, useful in His service, bearing good fruit to His glory, even into old age!  

-Author: Alicia Gonzalez

Psalms 92: 12-13

They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.