The Kingdom is the Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Peter 1:11

Energetic Express encourages a healthy attitude and remind you that you do matter and are important! 

- Nonconstructive thinking can happen in any situation at any time! Read concepts to help overcome those situations! 

Positive Energy Thinking 

The Atomic Split!

    Have you ever endured a relationship that was unfruitful and the outcome in every encounter was sick, or unhealthy? There is a concept in Physics where dividing nucleus releases energy and even to a point of an atomic outcome. 

    How bout we apply this concept to unhealthy relationships! It is better to split and the good news is the both side will still have great energy to be powerful people still. 

    I believe this is a healthy concept that is governed by truths even in science with real effective outcomes and we to can now split and become even more powerful people separated!

It hurts no one, still great people on both sides!

It's not personal its just best!

By: Caron Gonzalez

"...Nuclear fission occurring when uranium atom is split by neutron, resulting in energy and two neutrons." - gettyImages

See full video to this picture by clicking here!

Motivating your Energy

  • To Divide is to conquer!

  • Even in the fission energy doesn't die is actually magnifies!

  • You need protons for that electrical charge, so attract more protons by being more positive.

  • To Divide is to Release Good Energy

1st Issue 2022

Energetic Preparation 

    Volcanos are part of geology truth of the planet earth. They stay cooled and low in action for long periods of time until an eruption happens and explosions or melted rock shoot out with extreme heat. This truth of Volcanos of staying cool and calm until an outburst can be applied to our emotions. During disputable conversations our bodies boil and gets heated due to anger or negativity. Leading us to express our emotions of anger, pain, and rage by bursting out statements that are dangerous and can cause serious burn to the other.

    In the geology of volcanos there are varies types of rocks for different state of the volcano status. One rock is the metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock changes into ‘new forms’ thru a ‘process’ by heat. We can apply this concept of transforming into a “New Form” thru a ‘process’  of heat but instead of outburst of lava lets overflow with forgiveness and loving-kindness instaed. Which will lead into a more positive outcome that’s beneficial to all.

    Volcanos are part of our nature and built in the Earth and who knew we could benefit from these scientific truths. By applying these truths into a concept of our character and to be more positive and energetic people. And the more we transform into the ‘New-Forms’ from the moment of the heat into overflowing kindness, who can resist but join into the forgiveness moment creating positive energy to all concerned.

By: Caron Gonzalez

Motivating your Energy


-A rainbow of colors shines better than just white light, so be radiant!


-Truthfulness is Beauty!


-Energy surrounds us from the outside, so don't stay closed in...'get a charge' and break out! (concepts of 'valence electrons')

-Correct thinking is authenticity!


-Small beginnings can lead to big impacts!

-Don't 'revolve' or 'reflex' go straight-thru and escape!



You need protons for electric charge so attract more protons by being positive! 

By: Caron Gonzalez

1st Issue: 2021

Energetic Preparation 


    “Water-power”, AKA: Hydraulic/Hydropower, can transform water/wave movement into electric power.  Based on history the ‘water-power” system has been around since the ancient times. The concept to transform matter from one state into another to generate more a positive outcome that’s more beneficial is an awesome idea. And thru this great idea of ‘water-power’ we too can be transformed into a more positive, powerful outcomes. 

    Our bodies are made up of about 50-75% water depending on age and gender of the human. But thru the idea of ‘water-power’ we CAN be transformed too. From one state of our body and mind BUT thru movement can generate energy to power-up our physique leading us to being better, positive and powerful people!  Lets transform our bodies and minds into a more powerful and productive states with active movement like with the ‘water-power’ idea!

    Positive thinking to generate a positive attitude and body to produce for a more productive outcome that is healthier for ourselves but also for others around us. This proves that being active in life does lead to great outcomes that’s more positive, powerful and beneficial. 

By: Caron Gonzalez

Motivating your Energy


-Active movements can generate more power!


-Truthfulness is Beauty!


-Set FORTH positive speech for a return of a healthy mind!

-Correct thinking is authenticity!


-The higher up you go the more colorful you shine!


-Small beginnings can lead to big impacts!



You need protons for electric charge so attract more protons by being positive! 

By: Caron Gonzalez 



I am a believer of the Real Lord Jesus Christ and know we are ALL children of promise NOT WORKS! So to incorporate 'body-movements' in daily living is not wrong for even Jesus orders " Then Jesus said to him, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk." (John 5:8) which required 'body-movements' which lead to power that healed the guy that was crippled...which was done by faith! Thank you!

-Caron Gonzalez

2nd Issue: 2020

Energetic Preparation

Oscillation is considered a ‘forth & back’ or a ‘up & down’ motions thru sound waves. This concept of mechanical waves can be applied in our speech. Talking or speaking out produces sound waves that can set ‘forth’ positive statements for a positive ‘back’ return.

If we speak ‘forth‘ positive statements thru the sound waves it will bring ‘back’ the positive molecules in return. Molecules which are more than one atoms that can not be divided is a powerful concept to take on. 

When traveled ‘back’ the positive sound waves rest into the cerebrum of our brains which harnesses the perception of our thoughts and of the 5 senses like sound.

Lets speak ‘FORTH’ more positive statements to receive ‘back’ more positive waves of molecules (Atoms which can not be divided) leading to a healthy positive cerebrum (mind).

-Author: Caron Gonzalez  

Motivating your Energy 

  • What a dynamic splendor you are! 
  •  Truthfulness is Beauty!
  •  Set FORTH positive speech for a return of a healthy mind!
  •  Correct thinking is authenticity!
  •  Healthy atoms can be delivered thru sound!
  • The intensity of your energy is thru your efficiency of skill or competency!
  • The influence of your energy is in your tendency to produce.
  • Remember: You need protons for electric charge so attract more protons by being positive!

Important SIDENote:

Since I am a Christian the possibility of seperation of bone and marrow or soul and spirit is real to me (Hebrews 4:12). 

So how can I also be an advocate of also the study of ‘molecules which are more than one atoms that can not be divided‘. 

The perception I take on is that Gods desires all our lives to be healthy and abundant especially in our minds. So why not believe only the separation of the bad is cut away by faith thru Jesus Christ and the good remains or the truth of who we really are. Healthy, healed, mighty nations for the Lords Glory! 

I know thru Energetic Express I don’t include scripture (Just in case I have to sell a couple issues) though my writings are driven to give honor and a positive outlook to Gods design of our minds, bodies, and surroundings.


 There’s many examples of Lord Jesus Christ healing people yet they remained the same...what was separated from them where spirits of sicknesses or even death that had them sick, dumb, Leprosy, And even dead, Etc. The Lord separated the bad or the wrong off the person and body. But the person was still either man or woman and made in the likeness image of God ... healthy and

 healed. (Matthew Chapter 9 states a couple healings 😁). 

So this perception about speaking forth positive speech and molecules being returned for a positive mind due to sound is a healthy concept and stays!  And the fact since it’s something good why not believe it’s to be A permanent Positive return and cannot be divided away! Only the bad thoughts are to be separated off our minds and tossed to the sea with no return! For the Lord desires we remain healthy and healed especially with our minds!


Caron Gonzalez 

Genuine Love shines above all!

1st Issue: 2020

Energetic Preparation

    Plants absorb colorless gas like pollution that is harmful or even poisonous, however; thru photosynthesis it produces clean healthy air for us all to breath as humans. In the same as plants inhale air that’s contaminated and goes thru the process to clean it as it exhales and still produce a beautiful outcome.

    Why not take on the concept that though life as we live can be harmful, adulterating and even toxic we all can still live right and produce beautiful outcomes.

    Since we are able to witness the actual outcome of all green life and the beauty of flowers…how much greater our potential to manifest into a great beautiful life ourselves! As humans we have so much more zest to grow our character thats magnificent and effective!

    Let's continue utilizing a positive philosophy throughout your day to help us develop into an awesome positive productive being!

-Author: Caron Gonzalez

-Inspired by Bruno M.V (My son)

Motivating your Energy


  • Stay true to who you are will release a healthy outcome!
  • You’re an amazing creation, a masterpiece!
  •  Sharing your positivity attracts more right energy!
  •  Truthfulness is Beauty!
  •  Taking in the bad and letting out the good leads to your splendor!
  •  Correct thinking is authenticity!
  •  Display yourself with your greatness for masterpieces are dynamic works of awesomeness!
  • You are already a spectacle of wonder!
  • Remember: You need protons for electric charge so attract more protons by being positive!

1st Issue: 2019

2019 Year

Energetic Preparation

    My aspiration is to motivate you to live a powerful day validating you as an awesome being. Encouraging a positive energy and what better than to produce positive energy to grow your positive thinking for daily productivity!

    To cultivate your perspective into an optimistic one, you must acquire a quality understanding of you significance. Acquiring quality standards of extremely outstanding morality allows us overcome negativity throughout the day. Get in connection with phenomenal concepts of greatness and grow into an awesome active creation!

    In any harvest season there is first a time to sow the seeds. With Energetic Express sowing the seeds of positive concepts to energize you day ... time will produce into a bountiful harvest of greatness and hopes of a positive enjoyable life!

    Having a positive philosophy and utilizing it throughout your day can develop into an awesome positive being!

By: Caron Gonzalez

Motivating Your Energy

  • You do Matter!

  • You are an awesome Creation!

  • The attacks are moments you can seize with goodness and become better!

  • Truthfulness is Beauty!

  • Storms first than rainbows!

  • The preparation is for a due worthy season of productivity!

  • Logical reasoning is our validation!

  • Right thinking is Right energy!

  • You are a phenomenal being in the making!

  • Correct thinking is our authenticity!

  • Being different is moments to shine! You are approved to stand out!

  • Remember: You need protons for an electric charge... so attract more protons by being positive!


Expressing My Motive

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    This benefits you as a customer greatly because you get the rose/s you desired but also with the newspaper I am able to build you up as a positive person.

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-Caron Gonzalez